The Family Advocacy Program at Jacobi Medical Center

Learn more about child abuse—for the public

The following books provide guidance on how to take care of and speak to your child.

  1. When Your Child has been Molested: A Parent's Guide to Healing and Recovery by Kathryn B. Hagans and Joyce Chase. Published by University of Washington Press.
  2. Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse by Caren Adams and Jennifer Fay. Published by Lexington Books.
  3. Please tell: A Child’s Story about Sexual Abuse by Jessie. Published by Hazelden
  4. Brave Bart: A story for traumatized and grieving children. Published by the Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children

The following websites may also be helpful:

  1. The National Clearing house on Child Abuse and Neglect Information at
  2. Prevent Child Abuse America at
  3. Child Abuse Prevention Network at
  4. Prevent Child Abuse NY at
  5. Crime Victims Board of NY
  6. Bronx District Attorney’s Office
  7. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  8. Parent’s guide to internet safety
  9. If you would like information about sexual offenders in your neighborhood