The Family Advocacy Program at Jacobi Medical Center

As a parent or patient what can I expect during a visit to FAP?

Please expect your initial visit to take from 2-3 hours. The visit entails the following:

  1. Greeting and Registration
  2. Parent/guardian interview with a social worker
  3. The child’s interview with a trained professional
  4. Medical examination conducted by a specialized pediatrician
  5. A discussion of findings, assessments, and recommendations by the team

The interview with your child is the only time when you cannot be present. This is in the best interest of the parent/guardian and his/her child. Children may keep information from their parents in fear of hurting, disappointing, or angering them. The interview process will be explained to you and your child. Your child will be interviewed by a professional trained to work with children. The environment is kept child-friendly, sensitive, and relaxing. After the interview, you will be informed of what happened.

Before coming in for an interview, please talk to your child about what she or he might expect. Reassure your child that you can be there the entire time, except for the interview, and that we are here to help.