The Family Advocacy Program at Jacobi Medical Center

I am not sure if I am being abused

Sexual abuse often begins with some of the following:

  • Someone looks at you in a provocative way
  • Someone is touching you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable (Some examples include but are limited to: stroking your thigh, kissing you, hugging, rubbing his/her body against yours, etc.)
  • Someone asks you to take a picture (video) of you naked
  • Someone is making you watch sexual acts or pornographic pictures or videos
  • Someone asks you to touch them in their genital area
  • Sexual talk
  • Someone offers you money in exchange for “sexual favors”
  • Someone asks you to keep secrets about touching
  • Someone is talking sexually or sending pornography on the internet

If you are experiencing any of the above or if you if you are still not sure talk to someone you trust for help.